Fraud and Forensic Investigation Services

Why Choose Us

The issues:

Rarely the abuse, stealing or exploitation of a family member, employee, management or entity will ever make its way to law enforcement or the court system. That does not mean there was not a cost of those actions, injuries involved, systems questioned. Many times the cost to pursue a wrong when seeking justice or reimbursement does not justify the loss that has already occurred.

However, by putting no effort in system or personnel changes, the problematic behavior continues.  Not only can it continue, but may be perceived as “acceptable till caught”. Our services will offer alternatives for you to either put a halt to the wrong activity, or process it through avenues that can make a larger and/or better impact going forward.

In my years as an accountant, fraud examiner, private investigator and fiduciary, I find that it takes creative skills, realism to the conditions, and a realistic outcome to make sense. This also includes the dedication to persistence.

What is in in for you? Your business? Someone you are concerned about?

The ability to acutely acknowledge, move forward, and intervene when needed.

Also, by offering the services of private investigation, we are able to slip through circumstances, workplaces and environments via an array of ascribed or perceived roles, thereby lowering the alarm and heightening alert that a formal investigation may bring.