Fraud and Forensic Investigation Services

What We Do

Our services are used for:

  • Litigation support (report writing) and investigating
  • Divorce or separation financial profiles and paperwork
  • Elder financial exploitation and fraud
  • Insertion in an entity or business to investigate systems and personnel
  • Good report writing as an option to settle out of court, or inclusion in mediation
  • Financial Planners and Attorneys can use this service to compile information, documents, and necessary items to work on valuations, estate values, etc.

As needed, we consult with:

  • CPA’s, with needed specialties
  • Attorneys, with needed specialties
  • Estate valuators
  • Corporate management for specific issues
  • Government offices
  • Computer programmers
  • Out of state realtors
  • Numismatic and precious gems specialist
  • Auction houses or private valuators

This list expands and is extremely tailored to the individual project.

What we are not:

  • Bookkeepers
  • Tax specialists
  • Personal fiduciaries
  • Staff or line personnel
  • Auditors