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About Pam and NW Fraud and Forensics

PamHeadShot_s.jpgI had an early start in bookkeeping and accounting because my parents had a bookkeeping practice in Central Washington. And we all know what inexpensive child labor is!!!!

I received my BA in Business from the University of Washington. After graduation, I was head strong on joining the US Marine Corps as a female officer. Up to that point, women officers held more of a figurehead role than actually a combat ready soldier. That was what my recruiter got me ready for. However, we all had to wait a year before heading to Quantico for training. (I thought it was to enlist enough candidates.) WRONG!! That year was used to change the format from “figurehead” to that of a full-fledged ground soldier.  The M16’s, long hikes, obstacle course, etc. Needless to say, we were dropping like flies. This turned out to be a good ending for me. I realized I had difficulty with authority and obedience. In addition, I personally disliked being yelled at by a drill sergeant half my size! However, it was an adventure!

After that I moved to Kansas City, MO and was hired as a financial aid officer for a chain of private business schools. It was there that I learned it wasn’t the “numbers” I knew that had impact on an operations, but what was done with them. I soon became an Acquisition Director and opened additional schools throughout the United State. I was in my twenties.

While in that role, I completed my Masters in Business through Webster University in Kansas City MO. I chose that school because it had off site schools in most of the states I traveled in. I returned to Washington and was ready to start a family, at thirty.

I chose to be an independent contractor in accounting in the 1990’s when America was downsizing mid management. I was a contract accountant for small business and individuals. After several other business investments, I returned to WA from Arizona and opened my own fiduciary and Professional Guardian firm. The intense immersion into the lives of vulnerable adults took me by a surprise. In that role, it was rarely about the numbers, but of lives. That lasted until 2015.

When I started as a fiduciary, I also became a Private Investigator. Human behavior fascinated me in business, and I needed to know items like chain of evidence, interview/interrogate, report writing, etc. In addition, I thought it was a great skill set to use my natural curiosity. My sons did not enjoy my enthusiasm.

I became a Professional Guardian (Title 11) in the State of Washington as well as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

I live in Olympia with my wonderful husband Chris. I have two grown sons who are the very best of me on this Earth!

Let’s roll up our sleeves and GO!!!!

We found Pam Privette Williams in a local periodical. Our goal was to solve some workplace issues of missing assets, both cash and merchandise. She came in under the guise of an “Insurance Auditor”. She was able to talk with employees and managers unsuspectingly. In the end, we installed several steps between sources of cash and authorizational controls. Floor managers moved to a “shift reporting” of merchandise moving, which allowed a more efficient and effective response time to inaccuracies. We did have to put several managers and line personnel on notice.  WE believe that carried a sound awareness to all levels of employees.       ~FMN Enterprises  Yakima, WA