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Accounting Fraud and Forensic Investigations

NW Fraud and Forensics:

  • Providing services to enable and empower anyone or entity to pursue the path to stop the financial abuse, harm and exposure.
  • Exploring information regarding your personal issues and circumstances , your business vulnerabilities and optimizing ideas and information for the best ways to proceed.
  • Investigating scenarios in money and activities when it is affected by shame, frustration, family dynamics or broken systems. Many times issues want to be overlooked or non-exposed for fear of the impact on customers, insurance, competitors.
  • Offering resources to enable and empower anyone to pursue the tools to shift activity to proactive, rather than staying stuck in reactive..

Happy Customers!

A financial broker I use referred Pam to me. I had recently lost both of my aged parents and had a hard time dealing with our two large estates. Pam came in and began investigating, bringing  on attorneys and CPA’s as well as other services to start the process of three years of clearing and filing. My former inability to face the financial and legal needs of the estates was overwhelming to me. She brought me in, continually, so I could not just assist and fill in the blanks, but also so I would start taking personal involvement to assist and then to manage on my own.  Since then she has assisted when needed, to include personal and commercial property sales, setting up my private Trust, and other such activities.      ~A Davis  Auburn, WA